Savour Life

Saporé was made for sharing; it’s not only about savouring food but also savouring the good times we have with the ones we love. Our products were borne out of a desire to help people reconnect and embrace opportunities to enjoy life. We aim to make it easy to plan a special evening with friends or to whip up an enticing plate of tapas when family unexpectedly drops by.

Our Story

With our Spanish roots and customs centred on food, family, and friends, Saporé strives to bring this Mediterranean authenticity to North America. Whether conjuring the image of enjoying tapas after a siesta or indulging in ‘sobremesa’ – that lovely time when everyone lingers at the table at the end of a meal – our products offer irresistible flavours to invite those memorable feelings in everyday life and special celebrations alike.

Our Products

Our product line has been developed through our commitment to quality, dedication to capturing the essence of the Mediterranean spirit, and an honest desire to provide a flavourful and easy experience for our customers. Only the finest ingredients that can be sourced are used to create our products. Superior cuts of meat, fine herbs, carefully perfected curing processes and the expertise of our master chefs enable us to offer unparalleled flavours.

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