About Us

Savour Life
In a world where authenticity is scare, values of good food and friendship are more important than ever.

The passion and attention to detail Saporé’s finest butchers possess can be tasted in 'every bite'.
It inspires an awareness and encourages taking time out with treasured company to savour good food and good conversation.

Mediterranean culture honours food, friends and family. We at Saporé Foods appreciate the preservation of these values. It’s why we were inspired to bring you the irresistible indulgence and charm of a cherished Mediterranean tradition. Crafted with prime cuts, elegantly seasoned with a special blend of herbs and spices and then cured to perfection, Saporé embodies the best the region has to offer.

The result? Products that are bursting with flavor, and a joy to the senses. The allure of taking time out of a busy day to enjoy lunch in a street-side café with a friend or the warmth of a family meal made up of the finest cured meats, bread, cheese and olives, lasting late into the night becomes a tangible reality.

Saporé was made for sharing; it’s not only about savouring food, but also savouring the good times we have with the ones we love.